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Over the past 26 years, CST has conducted face-to-face interviews as well as received telephone calls from individuals and/or their loved ones regarding their behavioral health services. The information obtained during CST’s interviews and/or telephone calls is documented and a report is generated of satisfactions, needs, and/or concerns voiced. The CST report is then submitted to the specific funder(s) as well as the provider agency. This direct line of communication fosters the first of CST’s twelve values as well as its motto “Listening to People First.”

On a bi-weekly basis CST holds an Accountability Meeting that CST staff and representatives from the various departments of the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities (DBHIDS) attend. During CST’s Accountability Meetings, CST site visit reports and telephone calls are discussed and reviewed to ensure that any concerns of service recipients and/or family members are addressed by the funder(s) to their satisfaction.  This process ensures that DBHIDS is responsive and accountable to the needs of the service recipients as well as the family members of those who are receiving behavioral health services.  Provider agencies are also invited to attend CST’s Accountability Meetings to provide responses to any concerns raised during a site visit at one of their provider locations.

CST’s reporting process solidifies CST’s relationships with Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health funders that include Community Behavioral Health (CBH), Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), Office of Addiction Services (OAS), Behavioral Health Special Initiative (BHSI), and the Forensic Intensive Recovery (FIR).

Representatives of the funding sources - Back row, L-R: Glen Bastas (DBHIDS),

Jill Birch (BHSI), Kathleen Painter (CBH) and Maria Chaves(CBH). Front Row, L-R:

Alicia Lucas (FIR/IPP), Sekaiya Willis (OAS)and Lynne Anderson (DBHIDS)

Data is collected for the accountability
process with the funders, the State of
Pennsylvania, and other stakeholders.

The data CST complies reflects the
number of site visits that have been
conducted, telephone calls received,

and issues both broad and specific that
were raised during CST’s face-to-face

interviews and/or telephone calls.

The data is based on the frequency

the issue is reported and if the issue

was addressed or is still pending.

This information also provides a

comprehensive outlook of systemic

issues from the individual and/or family
member’s perspective.

CST received 564 telephone calls from individuals, family members/support persons, and/or staff. A response was not required from the DBH for 126 of these telephone calls; this number includes 46 calls from individuals, family members/support persons, and/or staff that were unrelated to behavioral health services. The remaining 80 calls did not require a response as some of them were simply requesting resources or were unclear voice messages. There were 438 telephone calls that required a written response from the DBH, many of these calls had multiple issues that were/are to be addressed by the DBH. The DBH has submitted a written resolution for 366 of the telephone calls made by individuals, family member/support persons, and/or staff, as 72 resolutions to telephone calls remain pending at this time. 

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For more information contact:
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