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Over the years,The Consumer Satisfaction Team has become very adaptable to the changes that are put forth by Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities (DBHIDS), while remaining true to its mission of ensuring that the publicly supported and funded services meet the expressed wishes of service recipients. CST hears directly from service recipients what they feel is beneficial for their recovery process and the areas where they feel more support is needed.

CST’s policy of hiring those with lived experience, as well as family members of those with lived experience, enables CST to empathize with the perspective of service recipients and their family members while engaging with them during site visits and community events. The information collected during these encounters is relayed to the DBHIDS to assist the system in creating/implementing initiatives that are focused toward creating a system that is “person first” and responsive to the service recipient.

During daily operations, CST documents every interaction with those receiving services, their family members and site staff. Information is gathered through conversations during site visits and telephone calls. CST maintains a comprehensive database that tracks each interaction and the information gathered; this information is used to identify trends and patterns. When designing special projects encompassing particular services and populations, CST collaborates with the DBHIDS to establish the areas of concentration where further information is needed.

As part of its own organizational development, CST is committed to strengthening staff’s skills and abilities. CST conducts internal trainings concentrating on improving daily work processes to further ensure that CST staff are operating at peak performance. CST also invites trainers to inform staff about the different initiatives that are taking place within the DBHIDS, as well as specific practices employed by service providers and other services and/or topics related to better understanding the changing behavioral health system. Over the year CST engaged in trainings that included the Tobacco Wellness Initiative, Supportive Services for Veterans and Families and the Evidence Based Practices and Innovation Center. These trainings took place at CST’s office and CST would like to thank the trainers who took the time to facilitate these trainings with CST staff. CST staff also viewed webinars regarding Trauma Informed Care and Fighting the Opioid Epidemic.

In addition to internal planning, CST staff are very involved with the broader system planning and implementing changes that benefit those receiving services. The CST staff participate in a wide range of behavioral health committees and Boards of Directors and often provide training to others, as well as participate in reviewing proposal requests. In addition, staff attend outside conferences and trainings to improve their knowledge base and skills. See the following list of committees, boards, CST conducted trainings and conferences attended by CST staff:


Board of Directors, CTT
Board of Directors, PMHCC
Department of Behavioral Health Consumer/Family Advisory Board
North Philadelphia Health Services Guest Relations Committee
Family Resource Network
Columbus Property Management
NET Board
OAS Advisory Board
E-Learning Advisory Committee


    Various First Friday Series
    Faith and Spiritual Affairs Conference
    INAP Conference
    Ends AIDS 2017 Conference
    Various Computer Trainings


    Transformation Decade Celebration
    Family Resource Network Luncheon
    PHMC The Bridge Family Night
    PRO ACT Recovery Walk
    NHS Animated Holiday Event
    Bridging the Gap Town Hall Meeting
    JEVS Work in Recovery Family Day
    2016 Family Recognition Celebration (FTAC)
    RHD CAPP MH Awareness Day
    DBHIDS Diversity Day
    CIRC’s Wellness 365 Event
    PATH RTF Friends & Family Day
    NHS Knights Road Health Fair
    BEST BH Care Summer Bash
    DNC Caucus for Addiction Solutions
    Like Minded Rally
    New Journey in Recovery Community Integration Day
    Summertime Safety Luncheon
    NHS Fun Day Resource Fair
    CCTC 6th Annual Fun Festival
    G Pass Health Fair


      Case Management Orientation
      First Friday

    CST is looking forward to the coming year. Special projects are being developed to include system wide and service specific initiatives, along with more innovative approaches of achieving the objectives set forth by our mission statement. CST is committed to being adaptable and receptive to a system that is shifting toward delivering person first services that make recovery possible for individuals with behavioral health issues.

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For more information contact:
The Consumer Satisfaction Team, Inc.
520 N. Delaware Ave., 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone (215) 923-9627